Customer Testimonials

The luscious texture and rich chocolate in Top Hat’s hot fudges wowed our tasters but... we choose Mocha Fudge, a thick bittersweet sauce with Colombian coffee...
Midwest Living Magazine

Thank presents to give ever!
New Buffalo, MI

We really appreciate your consistent product and service.
Boston, MA

There is nothing like hot fudge and this is the best stuff ever! This comes from a super chocolate connoisseur! Yum!
Albuquerque, NM

Thank you for the personal attention you have given my order.
Chicago, IL

Nobody makes a sauce that compares to yours!
Cleveland, OH

The gifts are delicious!
San Francisco, CA

Yummy! Will be a huge hit at family parties!
Web Customer

Your fudge sauce takes me back to my growing up years, which included a one and a half block walk to Schrafft's!
Jamestown, RI

Quite rich in flavor with just enough coffee taste to really qualify as Mocha.
Web Customer

So far, everyone has loved what they received.
Santa Barbara, CA

The sauces were safely and very happily received.
Freeport, ME

These sauces are fabulous!
Seattle, WA

Harbert, MI

I have become very partial to your Bittersweet Chocolate sauce.
Chicago, IL

That Mocha Fudge is SO good!
Columbus, OH

The Bittersweet Chocolate sauce is delicious.
Santa Barbara, CA

Arrived today as promised - beautifully packed - it doesn't get any better!
Riverside, CA

We received the Southern Sin, and it is to die for!
Thomasville, GA

Your products are great and your customer service is even better. Thank you!
Louisville, KY

The caramel sauce is the best I’ve ever had.
Evanston, IL

Life is good – thanks to you!
Aitkin, MN

We love all of the sauces.
Parker, CO

They really are delicious, and I am so glad that there is someone out in cyberspace who offers great hot fudge.
Dawsonville, GA

I’m a transplanted Chicagoan and a big fan of your sauces.
Ft. Wayne, IN

Your chocolate fondue... Chocoholics are helpless in its grasp!
Corona, CA

This sauce is the best I’ve ever had.
Pearl River, NY

We all give you a gooey thumbs up!
Bloomfield Hills, MI

Your sauces are awesome!
Chantilly, VA

This has to be the richest most exquisitely delectable dessert topping of all time!
New York, NY

The caramel has always been my favorite.
Chicago, IL

We think your toppings are great!
Madison, WI

Your ice cream sauces are the best.
St. Louis, MO

...would love to send these as gifts – they’re great!
Calumet Park, IL

We are totally addicted!
Anchorage, AK

Would you please send another order form – everyone loves your sauces!
Duluth, MN

Delicious - I am so glad there is someone out in cyberspace who offers great hot fudge.
Dawsonville, GA

I'm a transplanted Chicagoan and a big fan of your sauces.
Ft. Wayne, IN

I want to thank you for the fantastic service.
New York, NY

Wish these were all for me - I love your product!
Chicago, IL

I really enjoy your company's extraordinarily fine products.
Lisle, IL

The gift is a big hit! Thanks so much.
Chicago, IL

Thanks so much for your extra efforts getting the gift box for my grandchildren!
Milwaukee, WI

I refuse to ever run out again - your sauces are still the best ever!
Arapahoe, NC

...sent us a gift box last year and I fell in love! Such wonderful fudge sauce!
Aurora, OH

Addictedly yours,
Seattle, WA

Everyone that I send gifts to from Top Hat LOVES them!
London, UK

I will travel far for chocolate sauce. I love yours straight from the jar!
Chicago, IL

This is the absolute best dark chocolate fudge sauce I have ever eaten.
Arapahoe, NC

We made the Mocha Fudge torte for our Christmas dinner dessert ... a BIG success.
London, UK

We purchased your Bittersweet Chocolate sauce and find it the best chocolate sauce we have ever tasted.
Bellport, NY

The brownie gift was quite delicious – everyone at the firm enjoyed it very much.
San Francisco, CA

My little girl and I ate half the jar of Butterscotch with just spoons – heavenly!
Tacoma, WA

After dinner at a restaurant, your Raspberry Fudge on angel food cake with raspberries made the evening perfect.
Prospect Heights, IL

Your creations are always a great hit with gift recipients!
Chicago, IL

This basket was a joy to receive – how can I order them myself?
Chicago, IL